"Charles was recommended by a friend. Since Charles took over management of my rental property, I have not worried about the property at all. Charles is very knowledgeable, personable, and easy to talk to. I am very happy with his management services and would highly recommend him to others."
Carlton H. | Fremont, CA

"We are loving all of the space that we have in our new home, and finally getting close to having it all unpacked. You guys have also been a joy to work with thus far... Looking forward to continuing the relationship, and we will definitely be recommending your company to our friends as a need arises."
- Resident Testimonial

" Charles Lassey is managing my property at Pittsburg, CA. Charles has been one of the most professional agents I have seen in real estate. Quite meticulous and he does a great job of tracking every penny and being thorough with documentation and invoices. I would give him my next property to manage when I buy it. Good work Charles."
Krish R. | San Francisco, CA

"Excellent customer service!!! Best realty company I’ve had by far. Charles was very easy to communicate with and the application process was quick and easy. I would recommend renting at ACL property to anyone. There homes are in great condition and the house that I rented from was in a very nice family neighborhood."
Mary R. | San Leandro, CA

"I am glad to use ACL Property Management to manage my house. Charles was very patient and professional to rent out my house within one month. Charles also takes care of all tenant issues and keeps me no hassle. ACL Property Management provides very detailed monthly statement and year tax report . I highly recommend them."
F. F. | Dublin, CA

"I thought there was no hope for my house, it will never sale because all the houses look similar and their owners wanted to short sale as well. I thought I’m gonna be wasting thousands of dollars a month to avoid foreclosure and pay for a house I didn’t even live in. Several months later my agent at the time recommended Charles to handle my short sale. As soon as we met I automatically felt he was trusting, organized, super friendly and efficient. He was so on it with the questions and paper work that it made me more organized. A few months later my house was sold! Thank God for Charles. Because of him I am no longer in bondage of paying thousands of dollars for a house I didn’t want to live in. Charles is the way to go!"
Tamara C. | Union City, CA

"Charles Lassey (owner of ACL Property Management) is so awesome. My husband and I were deep, deep, deep under water in our home (to the tune of $300,000) and needed to relocate. We talked to quite a few people (including real estate professionals) who recommended just walking away but we just weren’t comfortable with that. Then a good friend recommended Charles. He had gotten her home sold within a couple months of taking it on (she had tried to short sale it for a couple of years with another realtor, with no success). I was skeptical but from the first time I spoke to him, Charles filled me with confidence. He made what seemed like an impossible task a reality. He made the short sale process virtually stress free and he worked tirelessly to ensure everything went through without a hitch. He is incredibly knowledgeable, reassuring, ethical, honest, and a great communicator. Now, not only are we out from under our mortgage but Charles also managed to apply for and get us a totally unexpected $8000 from the bank through some program that Charles knows more about. The friend who recommended Charles said he was amazing and she was right. I hands down absolutely recommend Charles to anyone who wants to sell their house. He is very skilled at what he does and is a genuinely good human being. My husband and I feel so lucky that we found Charles. Thank you Charles!! Keep on doing the incredibly important work of helping families in need."
Yelp User

"Charles is fantastic. I have been using ACL management for over 5 yrs and I have had no problem. He is caring both about my and the tenants needs. I highly recommend their services."
Yelp User

"I’ve used ACL Property Management for close to 3 years now. I got a job offer in DC that I just couldn’t refuse and had to find someone to help with getting my home rented. ACL came to my rescue and I haven’t had a worry since. I would highly recommend them!"
- Yelp User

"Two years ago I had to find a property manager for my house coz I was moving to china for work. Luckily I found ACL Property Management. So far it has been a smooth ride. I would recommend them any time. Keep up good work!"

"I am glad I was introduced to ACL Property Management by my family. They found me very good rental property, and are now managing the property as well."
Yelp User

"My buying experience with them was simply amazing. They were so patient and helpful which made the buying process a smooth ride. They went an extra mile to pre-inspect houses, take videos and pictures of the houses and the neighborhood and not only that they shortlisted houses for me. I had few bump with my loan approval, so they made sure sellers were aware of the situation and convinced them that I was good buyer."
Yelp User

"They were able to find tenant soon after my closing. They take care of all tenant issues and resolve them in timely manner, keeping me well informed at all the time."
Yelp User

"I would highly recommend ACL Property Management service to anyone. They are honest, sincere and most efficient."
Yelp User

"I have hired ACL Property to manage my property for more than 3 years. They have a good tenant base and can get the property occupied very quickly. Rents are paid on time. As a property owner, I am worry free. Keep up with the good work."
Yelp User

"I use ACL Property Management services for about 3 years now on multiple properties. I have used them as real estate agent to find quality income property, find good quality tenants and then used them as property manager as well. They were first recommended to me by a family friend and boy, am I glad that I chose them!"
Yelp User

"I have one word to say, EXCEPTIONAL! My interaction with them has been fantastic. The company representatives are extremely professional, knowledgeable, responsive, resourceful and trustworthy, all the qualities you absolutely need in a property manager."
Yelp User

"All my properties are rented out and have been occupied for all months except couple of months since I bought them when one of my tenants had to leave abruptly for a family situation. My tenants are quite happy with the property manager as any issues that arise get promptly taken care of. In addition to offering exceptional service, they are offering me the peace of mind that I as a busy professional crave for when owning multiple income properties. I have numerous examples where ACL folks have completely taken over any temporary tenant issue, followed up well, kept me informed at all times and resolved the issue in a timely manner."
Yelp User

"I strongly recommend ACL Property Management Services to those looking for outstanding real estate and property management service. For those who think they can do it themselves, I would say: Just give it go to ACL property management, your life as you know it will never be the same! :-) "
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"I hired ACL property Management a few years ago. I have found them very approachable, prompt and professional. They have good experience in keeping the tenants happy and the house occupied. They keep me posted for any developments and issues promptly. Best of all, the broker knows the law to the dot."